In Every life, over age is a general phenomenon and incase of over aged persons, physical and mental abilities become deteriorated. To overcome such problems, modern medicines often used chemically prepared Vitamins, Minerals, Anti-Oxidants, etc.Long intake of those chemicals become harmful.

Nature has gifted several ingredients to control downward ability of aged or over-aged persons with hampering physic.

Immuno modulatory factors are being successfully active with DUKE YOUTHON capsule which is prepared in combination with Silajit and Safed Musali, which are the best among all of them. So be fit, be strong and be young with DUKE YOUTHON capsule.

Each Capsule contains:

Silajit (Black Bitumen) A.B. 200 mg
Safed musali (Asparagus Adscendens) Bh.P. 50 mg
Gaupiyush (Cow Colostrum) Bh.P. 80 mg
Excepients Q.S.

Indications: Geriatric weakness and other degenerative conditions.
As an effective immuno-modulatory health capsule

Contra-indication: not yet observed.

Dose: 2 cap. 2 times a day or as directed by the physician.

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