If the Liver is fit, all the systems of the body become fit. Enjoy your life with any food, any drinks. DUKE HEPTAN ensure your happiest long life. DUKE HEPTAN capsule brings in a combination of the active principle of berberin, along with Kalmegh and the hepato-protective Bhuiamlaki, for health & vitality of the liver and hence also of the body as a whole. DUKE HEPTAN capsules also has the added qualities of triphala, Malabar nut, Tephrosia and rare extracts of gaupiyush, which not only normalizes the body's metabolism but also makes the body healthy from within.

Each Capsule contains:

Guduchi stem (Tinospora Cordifolia) A.B. 80 mg
Kalmegh whole plant (Andrographis Paniculata) A.P.I. 60 mg
Bhumiamlaki whole plant (Phyllanthus Amarus) A.B. 80 mg
Gaupiyush (Cow Colostrum) Bh.P. 30 mg
Amlaki fruit (Embelica Officinalis) A.B. 20 mg
Bibhitaka fruit (Terminalia Belerica) A.B. 20 mg
Sharaphuka whole plant (Tephrosia Purpurea) A.B. 40 mg
Haritaki fruit (Terminalia Chebula) A.B. 25 mg
Rakta rohitak stem bark (Tecomella Undulada) A.B. 25 mg
Excepients q.s.

Indications: Compromised liver functions in jaundice, hepatitis, drug-induced liver toxicity, general liver-stimulant.

Contra-indication: There is no specific contra-indications..

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